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History of Brooches

Brooches Are Back. Brooches have been making a comeback over the past few years, with the world's most renowned fashion houses like Gucci and Dior sending models down the runway adorned with brooches on their lapels, on silk scarves and in their hair.

Brooches have evolved considerably from their beginnings in the ancient world. Brooches were used in a functional capacity to fasten or secure articles of clothing. The earliest of brooches consisted of thorns, flint, and sticks. During the Bronze Age the pins were then handcrafted out of metal.

Due to their versatile nature brooches can and have been worn on hats, scarves, coats, dresses, sashes, belts and even as pendants.

Brooches were used to show wealth and status and were worn more as an accessory than for practicality, which is often still the case today. Nowadays the brooch is a chic piece that can bring class and elegance to any outfit bringing even the dullest of outfits to life!

Silver chain brooch

How To Wear A Brooch


Traditional placement for a brooch worn on a blazer or jacket is the upper bodice, either right or left. Since blazers and jackets typically are fabricated of substantial material, this is a good spot to wear a weighty brooch.


If you have any plain purses or bags in your closet and you would like to carry those from day to night without having to buy an evening clutch, adding a brooch is a great way to carry it out for a dressier occasion.


Brooches can be worn on dresses, blouses and shirts, but care should be taken not to damage the fabric of the blouse with the pin of the brooch.


If you want to add a little glamour to your outfit, pin a brooch at the end of a scarf. It will go a long way as long as you pay attention to the balance of patterns, colours and prints. 

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